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Grease traps are designed to remove fatty oils, grease, and sludge from the waste water that flows into your municipal sanitary sewer. The substances pass through a catching system, which gives them time to cool off and solidify, while the water passes through the drain as normal. Though it’s a smelly, unpleasant job, the grease trap must be maintained regularly in order to work effectively.

It’s a fairly straightforward process that can save you from potential fines or even criminal liability.​ Clean the trap in the morning and on a set schedule. It’s much easier to clean the grease trap if the contents have been allowed to cool overnight.

So, clean the trap in the morning, but at least 1-2 hours before the business opens.If you don’t clean the grease trap frequently enough, it will become less efficient and may allow grease to flow into the sewer system. This can result in costly fines.

Grease Trap Cleaning Services in Miami

Grease trap cleaning and servicing are essential when it comes to keeping your license valid. However, while staying within the required local health codes keeps your license valid and your food service establishment running, Miami restaurants have come to realize that there’s more to staying within these codes than just a pest-free and squeaky-clean restaurant. These codes also cover regular cleaning of all grease interceptors. Keep reading to learn why grease trap cleaning is crucial to running any restaurant or food service establishment.But what do you need to schedule grease cleaning on time? It would be best if you considered different factors and variables before answering this question.

Here’s a breakdown of significant concerns:

The size of your restaurant/food service establishment

The average number of patrons served

Types of oils and grease you use

The amount of greasy food prepared

The total amount of food prepared

The quality of the water in your neighborhood/region

Miami Dade Septic are experts who are adept at providing you with premium and affordable grease trap cleaning and pumping services. Our services are aimed at maintaining a healthy ecology. We provide comprehensive grease interceptor and trap services, which means you can schedule both regular cleaning and emergency grease trap cleaning and pumping services. We are at the top of our game, and we are proud to say that we stand above our competition, and we’ll prove it to you today!

Grease Trap Cleaning Benefits

The primary purpose of grease interceptors is to protect the city’s sewer system. They achieve this purpose by getting rid of any oil and grease waste from the restaurant’s discharge. In addition to preserving the sewer system, grease traps also protect your food service establishment from potentially dangerous waste. First, we’ll take care of the oil and grease for you. Then, we’ll allow the waste collected to cool before proceeding. After this, we either take the waste for recycling or dispose of it in a designated landfill properly.

The waste materials from cooking do not pollute the ecosystem, including natural reservoirs, the water table, and the ocean.

Your business operating license won’t be tarnished by suspension or revocation.

You can rest easy knowing forced closure due to code violations won’t be an option.

Your business will see an increase in the lifespan of your waste discharge system as well as smooth performance.

You will get rid of potential breeding grounds for fungus and pathogens.

You’ll also be making sure that any pests trying to invade your establishment won’t be getting food from your waste disposal system.

The waste oil from the grease trap can be recycled and used as an alternative biofuel.

Here at Miami Dade Septic, we have plenty of experience with grease traps, and our expertise is second to none! We offer our clients quick premium grease trap cleaning and pumping. We’ll make sure we minimize downtime and still deliver high-quality services so that you won’t have to concern yourself with fines or forced closure. Our highly trained grease trap service technicians know their way around all kinds of waste disposal techniques. After all, grease trap cleaning is more than just sending the waste to a landfill. It is also possible for us to take the waste to local recycling processing centers for recycling and other applications such as creating alternative biofuels.

Some companies are choosing the easy way and using untested bacterial and enzymatic treatments. However, are you willing to put the health of your patrons and employees at risk, as well as your reputation, by using unproven methods? Of course not! All of our grease trap cleaning services involve the use of tested and proven industry-standard techniques.

Are you having an emergency and need Miami grease trap cleaning services? Regardless of what time you need our services, we will gladly work with your schedule.